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PreviousFebruary 2021

Classics freshly improvised

Do you love classics? Don't we...?

So we make a joke of the Three Sisters of Cabal and Love, which we surprised at the wedding of Figaro with Faust's Gretchen before dessert in the bushes with Hamlet.

We bring theatre classics on stage in a new dress: five comedians (masculine form is included) enter the stage without knowing what to expect that evening. The audience chooses a classic and off they go!

You are not only directing this evening - you are also writing the book, dear audience! Because it could be that you want to see Romeo and Juliet at IKEA or rather a love story between Faust and Mephisto at the last Life Ball or Götz von Berlichingen as a sitcom ... Just come up with something and challenge us so that we can serve you great emotions, tragic heroes, spectacular abysses, new twists and musical escapades. We are not stingy, we always give more than we have. Everything is improvised - spontaneously and without a net. Each evening will therefore be unique and the first and last performance at the same time. Whoever was not there, has missed it forever!

With Georg Bauer, Ursula Anna Baumgartner, Magda Leeb, Gerit Scholz, Helmut Schuster, Barbara Willensdorfer, Markus Zett, Anita Zieher.

From 16 February 2020 at the Kabarett Simpl.

Program and cast

Kabarett Simpl

The "Simpl" in the Wollzeile in the first district of Vienna.
The Simpl is a cabaret opened in 1911 as beer cabaret Simplicissimus in Vienna-Innere Stadt. In the 1920s and 30s he produced cabaret greats such as Fritz Grünbaum and Karl Farkas. Until today it is one of the most successful and most important cabaret stages in Vienna. Name, lettering and the red bulldog refer to the Munich satirical magazine Simplicissimus, founded in 1896.

Opened on 25 October 1911 as the beer cabaret Simplicissimus, it was soon referred to by the Viennese as "Der Simpl". A colourful programme of chansons, piano improvisations and artistic performances etc. made the theatre one of the most popular cellar theatres in Vienna.

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