A woman - Mary Page Marlowe / Eine Frau - Mary Page Marlowe

Tracy Letts
A woman - Mary Page Marlowe
Austrian premiere


Which moments in a life have been the most important? What do you remember? Are the great occasions still there, are they what define us? Are there times when we would have had the choice to give our lives a whole new direction? How much self-determination is in our life?

In Tracy Lett's new play "A Woman - Mary Page Marlowe", the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright poses exactly this question. He shows his protagonist in eleven ages and stages of life: as a child, as an old woman, as a student, as a mother, as a young wife. In snapshots, Letts tells what made Mary Page Marlowe the person she is right now, showing that life doesn't always tell a compelling story - and that the idea of ultimate self-determination doesn't always have to come true.

Alexandra Liedtke will stage this life of a woman in her fourth directorial work at the Kammerspiele in Josefstadt.

Program and cast

Alexandra Liedtke
Volker Hintermeier
Su Buhler
Karsten Riedel
Cinja Bald

Sebastian Schubert


Mary Page Marlowe 
Sandra Cervik
Mary Page Marlowe 
Johanna Mahaffy
Mary Page Marlowe 
Babett Arens
Mary Page Marlowe 
Livia Ernst

Louis Gilbert 
Johannes Brandweiner/Jona Snow White

Wendy Gilbert 
Lisa-Carolin Nemec
Swintha Gersthofer
Gioia Osthoff
Martin Zauner
Ed Marlowe 
Santa Claus Barton
Roberta Marlowe 
Silvia Meisterle
Raphael of barges
Martina Ebm
Marcus Bluhm
Roman Schmelzer
Igor Karbus

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