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The new Goebel show with his great band

Even the musical is not a musical! Behind the stage there is a completely different play, and Alexander Goebel talks and sings about it. Very exciting, totally emotional and very funny. Backstage, musical is life, you spend more time in the theatre than at home and that's where stories, love dramas and much more happen. In his new show Alexander Goebel is for the first time with his live band in the Casanova, entertaining, sophisticated, challenging and fast. In each show he creates together with his audience the respective "musical of the evening" with stories from the auditorium, which are screaming...

Musical of the best in very personal interpretation with its wonderful musicians. Plus stories, scenes, sketches and improvisation. Goebel plays, sings and dances. As usual: Cool entertainment!

Program and cast

CasaNova Vienna

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