Andreas Ferner

Since the start of the cabaret program "BildungsFERNER" by Andreas Ferner a lot has changed in our world. Trump is president of the USA, Häupl is no longer mayor of Vienna. And that is why Ferners program is now also "NOCH BildungsFERNER". Because thank God a teacher never runs out of material!


After "Schule, OIDA!" Andreas Ferner has made it to the cabaret upper school with his current program "BildungsFERNER" (director: Marion Dimali). Austria's funniest teacher ignites a cabaret fireworks display that really gets the audience going.

From his own close experience, "Fessor Ferner" describes how far from education some of today's pupils are and how he fights against it. His timetable includes, among other things: Is the Central Matura the salvation of the education system or is the education system not to be saved? Are there still teachers for whom Google is only Hupf's first name? And should pupils be punished more for truanting than members of parliament? Furthermore, he fulfils his humorous educational mission with a Roman "A" despite tough frontal teaching. A Pisa test for adults that trains the laugh muscles better than the daily gym lesson. And when the school bell rings at the end of the programme, everyone is happy to stay for detention.

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March 2019

Wiener Metropol

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