Axel Zwingenbergers Boogie Woogie News 2019

Three musicians from different regions of the world, all specialists in blues, boogie woogie and stride piano, perform internationally, but have never been to Vienna before. Now they are coming to the Metropol at the invitation of Axel Zwingenberger!


NEVILLE DICKIE, Grand Seigneur of the British boogie woogie piano scene, had a chart hit in 1969 with his title "The Robin's Return". His album "Back To Boogie" sold more than 100 000 copies. He has recorded more than 40 CDs, and for many years he has also run a jazz club in Surrey. Neville tours worldwide, for example playing in the USA every year since 1982, where he is regarded as one of THE protagonists for Harlem Stride Piano.


MR.B Mark Lincoln Braun: Since the 1970s, the American has been an outstanding representative of the blues and boogie woogie piano in his native Michigan. His bluesy tone and his feeling for rhythm characterize his performances, which can be heard on his CDs and DVDs (among others with big band). In Ann Arbor Mr.B presents his own festival every spring. Several times during the summer he went on a bicycle concert tour through the USA with fellow musicians; piano on the trailer and spontaneous sessions on the street corner included!


LADYVA: The Swiss girl with the mysterious stage name was already infected with the music virus as a teenager and started playing blues and boogie woogie at the piano. Soon invitations to television shows and festivals in Switzerland, Germany and France followed. In Great Britain she even played together with Jerry Lee Lewis and Jools Holland. Ladyva also performs regularly with her brother Pascal Silva. In her second home, the Dominican Republic, the two are real stars!


Axel Zwingenberger again presents Boogie Woogie News in the Metropol, because many great musicians have never performed in Vienna before. Axel will play a solo set as well as the opportunity to duet. Two grand pianos guarantee a sound experience in a class of its own! Big final session included!

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April 2019

Wiener Metropol

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