Benefit concert for the Neunerhaus Sinfonia Academica

Neunerhaus is a social organization based in Vienna, the homeless and people at risk of poverty have a self-determined and dignified life. The aim is to provide help for self-help and to improve life situations sustainably. Help for homeless people with a future always means medical care for neunerhaus. Physical health is a central prerequisite for a successful way out of precarious life situations: Away from a life on the street, from the couch of acquaintances, away from the violent relationship or from the transitional house into a self-determined life in one's own four walls. The multi-professorial team of the Nine-House Health Centre consists of general practitioners, social workers, surgery assistants, a qualified nurse, dentists and dental assistants. It offers medical help and advice, anonymously and free of charge. In case of language barriers, video interpreting supports the translation into (almost) all languages. Approximately 4,400 people are provided with the Nine-House Health Centre per year - and the trend is rising.


W.A. Mozart: Sinfonia concertante 
R. Schumann: Symphony No. 3 "Rheinische" 

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May 2019

Musik & Theater Muth

Vienna‘s new venue for music and theatre – the Vienna Boys’ Choir Concert Hall in the Augarten – opens in December 2012!

MuTh is located in Vienna´s Augarten park, nor far from Augarten Palace where the choir boys leave and rehearse.

An exciting new venue has sprung up in the heart of Vienna, a place with a focus on young people where music and theatre meet.
The new stage is equipped to the highest standards, and the auditorium has seating for 400 people. The stage measures 12 x 9 metres. It has an optimally designed orchestra pit and the finest acoustic in the city
Here in this new hotspot for music and theatre you can experience the Vienna Boys’ Choir performing live, rock and jazz concerts, drama, and many more cultural events.

Concert hall capacity: 400
Stage: 12 x 9 m
Orchestra pit: 12 x 3.5 m
Wheelchair accessible, 4 wheelchair spaces
Architects: archipel architektur+kommunikation

The building is a unique ensemble of existing baroque structures (the gatehouse and wall) and modern architecture. At the heart of MuTh is the new Concert Hall. Contrasting with the coolness of the glass and metal used in the exterior of the new construction, warm materials and strong colours are used in the Hall. The magnificent ambient sound – enriched through the use of acoustic panels and special seating – is particularly noteworthy.

A café, shop and a seminar room complete the overall MuTh experience.

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