CH-AT Complex (D, CH, Ö)

The collective of musicians from Switzerland, Austria and Germany got to know each other during a university exchange project and decided to continue working together. The "randomly thrown together pile" describes his music style with the words "Anything can happen". So it can happen that jazz, new music, soul and heavy metal suddenly find a place next to each other in the compositions and arrangements of the musicians. Broadening horizons is the keyword, not only on a musical level. 


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April 2019

































The Sargfabrik is tucked away in the fourteenth district, well away from the usual tourist track. Built on the site of a former coffin works, it was conceived as a ‘communal self-governing housing project with an advanced cultural programme’


This is where world music in all its variety is at home. A huge range of musical groups play at the Sargfabrik every week.
What they all have in common is their individuality and the high standard of the performances.

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