And now it's Dad's turn!


After his celebrated "Selfie von Mutti"-Tour", on which the multiple award-winning shooting star of the German comedy scene filled the arenas of the republic in 2016 and 2017, Chris Tall goes on a big tour with his new solo program "Und jetzt ist Papa dran!

Already during Chris Tall's very successful "Selfie von Mutti"-Tour" he was asked again and again: "Ey, how much do you actually weigh? Followed by: "And when is Dad's turn?" Now! The longing for waiting has come to an end! From January 2018 Chris Tall presents his new solo program "And now it's Papa's turn"!

After Mum, he's going for daddy - and that wilder, faster, more interactive than ever before! - #that? And yes! He even has to! - Because what is more blatant than a caring mother? Exactly: the male variant!

If you thought Chris' mommy was funny, wait for her daddy: Daddy. A wondrous creature, packed with little pocket money, dressed like Oliver Kahn and always ready with advice about energy-saving light bulbs. He thinks "Whats Appiiie?" is a funny variation of "Guten Tag!", is still looking for Pokemons on Sunday, and is casually sending a voice message in 25 parts. Of course Daddy wants to turn his harmless fat son Chris into a crisp Olympic champion and fish with him in the summer, while Chris dreams of a matjes roll at "Nordsee". When Daddy tells Junior about life at the campfire, the difference between Domina and Domino starts. Thank you very much. But Daddy usually shoots the bird when he meets his first girlfriend: "NO PAPA! ´Was goes, sister?!` IS NOT COOL!"

Chris Tall has experienced all this and lets his audience take part in it with great power of words and body. No show is like the other. Again and again Chris Tall turns his own gags upside down and enters into a funny exchange of blows with his audience, only to find out at the end: Damn, now I've been kidding myself again! Everyone finds themselves in the stories of Chris Tall, which he tells authentically and realistically. So he inspires all generations with a lot of love in his heart: "Because at the end of the show it always says: We are all part of a big, damn lovable family! Even Papa!

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September 2019



The GLOBE WIEN is a unique event space in its form in Austria in the Marx Halle. The GLOBE WIEN is based on Shakespeare's historic Globe Theatre (opened in London in 1599) and offers a contemporary room in the style of the famous Elizabethan entertainment centre.


With a special stage and room concept (designed by ART for ART) the GLOBE WIEN was erected in the Marx Halle. In keeping with the historic London model, a space has been created that offers viewers a special closeness to the stage events. On different levels there are rows of seats or boxes for up to 1400 visitors, depending on their use.
The seats on the ground floor are barrier-free.


GLOBE WIEN was conceived in 2014 under the direction of Michael Niavarani & Georg Hoanzl and opened in the Marx Halle. It is a unique theatre space in Austria.

GLOBE WIEN is operated entirely without public subsidies by Niavarani & Hoanzl GmbH.


The programme focuses on humorous content: the Shakespeare material "Richard III" and "Romeo & Julia", newly interpreted by Michael Niavarani, the comedy "RESET - Alles auf Anfang"), numerous cabaret, comedy and music events have already provided good entertainment and great public interest.


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