Die Simpl Revue

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PreviousJanuary 2022

A cabaret space flight in 21 stations

On to Mars! It's time to leave Earth. Laa is no longer located at the Thaya, but at the sea and at the Großglockner it's 36 degrees throughout. We've had enough - we are starting all over again with mankind. Austria populates Mars. Before we take off, the Simpl makes a farewell tour around planet Earth. Yes, around the whole disk, which for a trained Austrian (the masculine form is included) only reaches to the edge of her own plate anyway. No animals or allergy sufferers are harmed during this programme.

Program and cast

Director & writer: Michael Niavarani

With Katharina Dorian, Jennifer Frankl, Ariana Schirasi-Fard
Stefano Bernardin, Joachim Brandl, Matthias Mamedof, Bernhard Murg

A performance of the cabaret SIMPL in the Theater im Park

Theater in the Park

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