Eight women

German by Franz Martin

Now there's no doubt. The murderer is among us.

On a remote country estate the family comes together to spend the Christmas holidays together. But the festive atmosphere comes to an abrupt end when the only man in the house is found dead with a knife in his back. Soon the eight women have to realize that they are completely cut off from the outside world. So only one assumption remains: the murderer is still among them. All eight ladies seem to have a motive, but no alibi - the result is a crazy game of hide-and-seek made up of accusations, secrets and lies.

The crime comedy Eight Women was successfully premiered at the Théâtre Edouard VII in Paris in 1961 and is now one of the most played plays in Europe. In 2002, director François Ozon took on the suspenseful drama and brought the crazy thriller to screen with a top-class women's ensemble, including Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert. The film was awarded a Silver Bear and the European Film Prize.

I love the funny confusion of making the audience laugh and tremble at the same time.
Robert Thomas

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Theater in der Josefstadt

The Theater in der Josefstadt is a theater in Vienna in the eighth district of Josefstadt. It was founded in 1788 and is the oldest still performing theater in Vienna. It is often referred to colloquially as simply Die Josefstadt.

Following remodeling and rebuilding in 1822 — celebrated by the performance of the overture Die Weihe des Hauses ('Consecration of the House') by Beethoven — opera was staged there including Meyerbeer and Wagner. From 1858 onwards the theatre gave up opera and instead concentrated on straight theatre and comedy.

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