Flo & Wipe, Decoys

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March 2022

Two incredibly attractive and talented paragon boys entice with attractive double conferences, inciting songs and irresistible charm. They are no malicious con artists, but devoted high class seducers - clever, educated, cultivated - in short: the dream of every mother-in-law. That sounds almost too good to be true... But Flo and Wisch swear by it: This is no trap!

After their award-winning programme "Waschmänner", Austria's most powerful-voiced cabaret artists are now going one better:

Did you know that each of us is fooled up to 200 times a day? In "Lockvögel", Flo and Wisch unmask the most snarky seducers of our time, unmasking pop stars, park sheriffs, influencers and Icelandic ponies! The sympathetic thoroughbred cabaret artists will tell you who you can really trust today on a punchy and hit-loaded evening between mallet and finest blade! And if you still have any doubts: Flo and Wisch are one hundred percent real! The winners of the Kneitinger Beer Mallet (Regensburg 2019) and the Enns Small Potato, who are considered by many to be the legitimate successors of Pirron and Knapp, are two passionate musical entertainers who carry their hearts on their pointed tongues and hit the audience with their humour exactly where the spontaneous laugh is! So: have the courage! Come and join us! This is no trap!

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CasaNova Vienna

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