Halibut & Roses, Who wants me ...else?

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Your market value and you

Who has not secretly questioned their own market value from the age of 50 onwards? Am I still attractive? Am I still desirable for my partner? Am I still the seducer, the seductress of yesteryear, and can I still do that? In any case, time is mean, and the morning look in the mirror increasingly often bodes ill.

Who wants me ... still

After the great success of the last programmes "Schwarzgeldklinik" and "CheGueVavra", halibut&rose mastermind Helmuth Vavra and his colleague Theresia Haiger take a subtle, satirical look at the middle of life and search for the answer to the question "Who wants me ... still?

With: Theresia Haiger and Helmuth Vavra

Book: Helmuth Vavra and Berthold Foeger

Director: Leo Bauer

Program and cast

CasaNova Vienna

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