He wants to make a joke out of it

Couplets from Thomas Arzt I'm joking! Right now, on the border between bondage and domination, I'm making a joke. For the whole future I want to decorate the empty walls of my heart with images of memory - I'm making a joke! Weinberl day after day from sunrise to sunset he stands in the vault of the spice dealer Zangler - only once in his life would the assistant Weinberl like to experience something different, a great adventure. When Zangler appoints Weinberl as a partner on the occasion of his forthcoming marriage, he sees his last chance to have a joke has come. Zangler travels to the capital for a few days and transfers responsibility for the business to him. But Weinberl closes the shop and, together with his apprentice Christoph, travels to the city, hoping to find the adventure he longed for. But the first one they see there is Zangler. They flee to Madame Knorr's fashion salon. Weinberl pretends to be the freshly married husband of a customer who also appears immediately. The result is turbulences and entanglements that are not what Weinberl and Christoph imagined to be under cheerful adventures. One of the most peculiar procedures of Nestroy's comedy is to put the heroes in terrible horror by erroneous circumstances. Then they are thrown back and forth before the eyes of a knowing and laughing audience as if by electric shocks. The misery lets them speak in Nestroy's densest language until they even get tired of it. In the many panic scenes written by the playwright Nestroy, who performed the actor, the audience is released to laughter, which freezes their free laughter outside the theatre.

Program and cast

Director: Stephan Müller

Stage design: Sophie Lux

Costumes: Birgit Hutter

Music: Matthias Jakisic, Thomas Hojsa

Choreography: Daniela Mühlbauer

Video: Sophie Lux

Dramaturgy: Barbara Nowotny

Light: Pepe Starman

Zangler, spice man in a small town: Robert Joseph Bartl

Marie, his niece and ward: Anna Laimanee

Weinberl, salesman for Zangler: Johannes Krisch

Christopherl, apprentice with Zangler: Julian Valerio Rehrl

Kraps, Hausknecht at Zangler / Brunninger, businessman / A wage driver: Oliver Huether

Mrs. Gertrud, economist at Zangler / Miss Blumenblatt, Zangerls sister-in-law / A caretaker: Elfriede Schüsseleder

Melchior, a vacillating servant: Martin Zauner

August Special: Tobias Reinthaller

Hupfer, a master tailor / Philipp, plasterer / A guard / Second waiter: Paul Matic

Madame Knorr, fashion retailer in the capital: Martina Stilp

wife of Fischer, widow: Alexandra Krismer

Lisette, maid of Miss Blumenblatt's room: Therese Lohner

Rab, a crook / First waiter: Alexander Strömer

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Theater in der Josefstadt

The Theater in der Josefstadt is a theater in Vienna in the eighth district of Josefstadt. It was founded in 1788 and is the oldest still performing theater in Vienna. It is often referred to colloquially as simply Die Josefstadt.

Following remodeling and rebuilding in 1822 — celebrated by the performance of the overture Die Weihe des Hauses ('Consecration of the House') by Beethoven — opera was staged there including Meyerbeer and Wagner. From 1858 onwards the theatre gave up opera and instead concentrated on straight theatre and comedy.

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