Herbert Pixner Project - Tour 2019

The extraordinary music project from South Tyrol by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Herbert Pixner (diatonic harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion), Manuel Randi (flamenco guitar, electric guitar, gypsy guitar), Heidi Pixner (harp) and Werner Unterlercher (double bass) is currently one of the most successful acts in the field of "new & progressive folk music".


However, any regional assignment is superfluous in this project, because the power of their performance cannot be explained by it anyway. With their unconventional instrumentation, the exceptional musicians build musical bridges between their remote home regions. With playful, lascivious gentleness, massive rock and blues riffs, brilliant technique and extatic joy of playing, they have been inspiring an ever-growing audience for years.

Euphoria, energy, tension and lots of free improvisation - this is the mixture with which the "Herbert Pixner Project" electrifies the audience. Intelligent, authentic instrumental music with a lot of ease in a famosem interplay. A variety of sound carpets are woven here, there is room for gentle melancholy and also for outbursts that stop at nothing. It sounds minimalistic, harsh, epic and very sexy.


"All this is alpine world music without cultural arbitrariness with peak-high musicality. It embodies a thirst for freedom and a romantic storm, wildness - and above all unbridled fun," the Abendzeitung München states.

That's free, untamed, partly cool, reserved, partly so passionately demanding that you almost forget that there are only four people on stage live. That's how music should sound in a world where the boundaries are not clear. In which everything seems to fall apart and yet everything somehow belongs together.

"Sometimes the music is strong, sometimes restrained, sometimes it looks at the earth, sometimes it looks into the stars. Sounds that shine! (South Tyrolean weekly magazine FF)

"Herbert Pixner leaves his audience almost breathless" (Süddeutsche Zeitung)


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April 2019



The GLOBE WIEN is a unique event space in its form in Austria in the Marx Halle. The GLOBE WIEN is based on Shakespeare's historic Globe Theatre (opened in London in 1599) and offers a contemporary room in the style of the famous Elizabethan entertainment centre.


With a special stage and room concept (designed by ART for ART) the GLOBE WIEN was erected in the Marx Halle. In keeping with the historic London model, a space has been created that offers viewers a special closeness to the stage events. On different levels there are rows of seats or boxes for up to 1400 visitors, depending on their use.
The seats on the ground floor are barrier-free.


GLOBE WIEN was conceived in 2014 under the direction of Michael Niavarani & Georg Hoanzl and opened in the Marx Halle. It is a unique theatre space in Austria.

GLOBE WIEN is operated entirely without public subsidies by Niavarani & Hoanzl GmbH.


The programme focuses on humorous content: the Shakespeare material "Richard III" and "Romeo & Julia", newly interpreted by Michael Niavarani, the comedy "RESET - Alles auf Anfang"), numerous cabaret, comedy and music events have already provided good entertainment and great public interest.


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