Idan Raichel 'Piano Songs - Solo'

Idan Raichel: "Peres has warmed my heart"

Idan Raichel set to music a poem by the late President of Israel - and promotes peace.


There is no doubt that Idan Raichel has another Israel in mind than the current head of government, Benjamin Netanyahu. His vision of a peaceful coexistence, which he sketches in many of his musical pieces, is much closer to the tolerant ideas of the Israeli founding generation, whose great political representative Shimon Peres died last September. Raichel, who in the past has stood up for Ethiopian Jews who immigrated to Israel, was therefore also contacted by Peres. The politician has written a poem about their often difficult fate, Raichel has set it to music.


Expand folklore. The result was the song "The Eyes of Beta Israel". "It warmed my heart very much when Mr. Peres, our former president and probably Israel's most legendary diplomat, contacted me about it. It was a great honour for me to set his words to music." Raichel wants to place the common before the divisive. Fearlessly, he dreams of boundlessness, which some people use the adjective 'naively' to belittle. With a great desire for mental and emotional adventure, he expands the folkloric core of his songs with abundant gifts from Africa, Latin America and electronics. For his current album, "At the Edge of the Beginning", he worked with musicians and vocalists of various cultural backgrounds. According to which criteria does he actually choose? Raichel leans back. Some family members also hang from his lips when he answers. The 39-year-old likes to give interviews among confidants: "Casting is the most important part of my work with the project. In my career I have certainly worked with more than 150 musicians from all over the world. Sometimes they send me their work, sometimes I discover it, from time to time chance helps." He approached the Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Touré at an airport. He met the Colombian singer Marta Gómez in a rehearsal room in New York. "There are no rules. Some are young, some experienced, some famous, some unknown". Raichel has an intimate relationship with Vieux Farka Touré, the son of the African blues master Ali Farka Touré.


Learning on tour. "I was a fan of his music from an early age. Then I met him by chance at the airport in Berlin and spoke to him. Already at the beginning of my career I dreamed of playing as a keyboarder in his band. Soon afterwards I went on a tour of Spain with him and had the opportunity to learn a lot. In general, I learned a lot more on tours than at schools and universities, also as a keyboarder for singer Ivri Lider. After our tour of Spain I invited Vieux to Israel. A friendship quickly developed between us," says Raichel. Under the signet The Touré-Raichel Collective, the haunting song collection "The Tel Aviv Session" was created in 2012, in which Israeli melodies and Malian rhythms were interwoven.


Two years later, the no less delightful follow-up project "The Paris Session" was released. The vibes of the desert met the warm echoes of a trumpet and Raichel's dreamy piano playing. "If music is universal, as so often said, then you have to prove it," says Touré. Raichel adds: "You can't say that this music is Israeli or Malian. Our sound has created an island of its own." Raichel's collaboration with the German countertenor Andreas Scholl led to a completely different topography. "Our collaboration has brought the German language into the Israeli mainstream for the first time. I am particularly proud of that." And it goes on. The most beautiful combinations were also created with American R&B artists. Raichel gave concerts with India Arie at the festivities of a Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and with Alicia Keys at an open air concert in Central Park in New York. There he met the Palestinian musician Ali Amri. "He lives maybe four, five minutes away from my house in Israel. But because the border to Ramallah is closed, it took New York to make music together." And then Raichel also conquered the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, a legendary venue for jazz and soul. He sold it out twice in 2007. "I would never have dared to dream of performing there once." Raichel also played in the White House before President Obama: on Martin Luther King Day. He demands that Israeli artists take on an active role in the state's public relations. "We must show the other sides of Israel, away from the negative headlines. Violence is unfortunately a part of our lives

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March 2019

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