Jacobowsky and the Colonel

The only advantage the persecuted person has in the world is that he is not the persecutor.


In June 1940, the German army occupied the north and west of France. The Polish Jew Jacobowsky once again had to flee because of his origins. His compatriot Colonel Stjerbinsky is to bring secret documents to England. They meet in a hotel in Paris, and because the colonel is a brave officer, but unsuitable for the practical things in life, but Jacobowsky finds a solution to every problem, they undertake the dangerous journey to the Atlantic coast together.

In Jacobowsky and the colonel Franz Werfel worked out his own escape, which had led him and his wife Alma Mahler-Werfel together with Heinrich and Golo Mann through France, Spain and Portugal to the USA. In his circle of friends he told his escape experiences and those told to him by his fellow fates - including those of the Stuttgart banker Jacobowicz, who had fled through France in a car with a Polish officer - so humorously that he was urged to write a comedy about them for Max Reinhardt. In March 1944 it was premiered on Broadway under the title "Jacobowsky and the Colonel", where it remained on the programme for two years.

Jacobowsky and the Colonel was Franz Werfel's last play. The 1958 film adaptation with Curd Jürgens and Danny Kaye received a nomination f

Program and cast

Helmuth Lohner

Rolf Langenfass

Eszter Kovasznay

Michael Rüggeberg


Manfred Stella

Gerhard Rühmkorf

Marianne Chappuis

Florian Carove

Mirjam Ploteny

Maddalena Hirschal

Otto Schenk

Chef d'Ilot 
Rainer Friedrichsen / Robert Grass

A tourist 
Ronald Coast

Helmuth Lohner / Kurt Sobotka

The Brigadier 
Eugen Stark

The Chauffeur 
Siegfried Walther

Little boy 
Mario Aulabauer / Daniel Burian / Alexander Heigl

Little girl 
Sophie Kowar / Victoria Wilfort

Madame Bouffier 
Gabriele Jacoby

A lieutenant general. 
Alexander Löffler / Alfred Reiterer / Friedrich Schwardtmann

The young girl 
Dania Horky / Maria Köstlinger

The dice player 
Toni Slama

The tragic gentleman 
Harald Harth

The light person 
Petra Torky

The Commissaire Special 
Rainer Friedrichsen / Peter Moucka

The old lady from Arras 
Erna Korhel / Adelheid Picha

Refugees, policemen, military 
Karin Achleitner / Richard Liebhart / Franz Muck / Walter Musil / Angelika Ployer / Erika Poppe / Gottfried Prochaska / Stefan Schindler / Christian Schinko / Ronald Weber

Colonel Tadeusz Boleslav Stjerbinsky 
Herbert Föttinger

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