Jumpin' up (Italy)

With an explosive mixture of Blues, Italo-Swing, Jive and Rock & Roll from the 50s, the Sicilian band Jumpin´up creates a humorous atmosphere with an old American-Italian flair. Hits by American and Italian music legends of the 40s and 50s, such as Louis Jordan, James Brown or the entertainer with a lovable gangster image, Fred Buscaglione, awaken the desire to dance of an already international audience. 


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February 2019

































The Sargfabrik is tucked away in the fourteenth district, well away from the usual tourist track. Built on the site of a former coffin works, it was conceived as a ‘communal self-governing housing project with an advanced cultural programme’


This is where world music in all its variety is at home. A huge range of musical groups play at the Sargfabrik every week.
What they all have in common is their individuality and the high standard of the performances.

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