Lydia Prenner-Kasper

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Mother-in-law Grete makes a few bucks and gives Lydia and her husband a week's holiday for their anniversary. However, a frog gets stuck in their throats when they learn that their three children are to be supervised by Sergeant "Grandma Grete" and Lydia's quirky mother "Erika Oma" during this time - after all, the two geriatric riot brushes are as compatible as Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un!

But the grandmothers swear high and holy that they will make up for their grandchildren. On holiday, the parents, who have been de-romanticised by everyday life, want to rediscover where the frog has its curls, but the very special holiday destination puts them in an extreme marital situation... - In her fourth solo programme Lydia Prenner- Kasper blossoms with toad-like humour into the water lily of the local cabaret scene and leads her audience into the swampy shallows of our livelihood - the "biotope family".

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CasaNova Vienna

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