Michael Mittermeier - LUCKY PUNCH - The Todes-Wuchtl Strikes Back

LUCKY PUNCH, the [ˈlʌki: pʌnʧ] = English for happy, all decisive hit of the hopelessly inferior fighter

Todes-Wuchtl, the [todəs: ˈvʊxtl] = Austrian for funniest punch line on the Bist-Du-Deppat scale, open at the top


Ring free for the comedy fight of the century! In the right corner as challenger: the comedian. In the left corner the favorite: the absurdity of everyday life and their big brothers. Michael Mittermeier, the Bavarian Karate Kid who fights Stand Up Comedy as you know and love him: Floating like Bruce Lee and sting like Maya the Bee. A man, a microphone, no rules.

Mittermeier's only ally: the infamous Todes-Wuchtl, a long forgotten, orally handed down secret weapon, forged in dark vaults of an ancient austrian fun dynasty, steeled on all comedy stages around the world. And the world is not a Tinder birthday!

Who beats whom? It's everyone against everyone: Batman vs. Baywatch... Chuck Norris vs. Wonder Woman... Two Sky Dogs vs. Bud Spencer... Spiritual Vegans vs. Verbal Butchers... live streamed in the anti-social media... Let the games begin!
The stupid and evil in the world don't need a stroke, but a punch line right between the eyes. The LUCKY PUNCH. Classic stand up comedy. With suit and style. Honest, hard and without a mask. A furious knockout in 120 minutes.

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May 2019



The GLOBE WIEN is a unique event space in its form in Austria in the Marx Halle. The GLOBE WIEN is based on Shakespeare's historic Globe Theatre (opened in London in 1599) and offers a contemporary room in the style of the famous Elizabethan entertainment centre.


With a special stage and room concept (designed by ART for ART) the GLOBE WIEN was erected in the Marx Halle. In keeping with the historic London model, a space has been created that offers viewers a special closeness to the stage events. On different levels there are rows of seats or boxes for up to 1400 visitors, depending on their use.
The seats on the ground floor are barrier-free.


GLOBE WIEN was conceived in 2014 under the direction of Michael Niavarani & Georg Hoanzl and opened in the Marx Halle. It is a unique theatre space in Austria.

GLOBE WIEN is operated entirely without public subsidies by Niavarani & Hoanzl GmbH.


The programme focuses on humorous content: the Shakespeare material "Richard III" and "Romeo & Julia", newly interpreted by Michael Niavarani, the comedy "RESET - Alles auf Anfang"), numerous cabaret, comedy and music events have already provided good entertainment and great public interest.


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