Michelle - TABU - The Tour 2019

Schlager star MICHELLE goes on tour again in 2019. In the new show "Tabu - LIVE" the successful singer presents her current album "Tabu" as well as many other hits. As in the songs themselves, MICHELLE will not mince her words on stage when she sings and reports about the ups and downs of her eventful life. Her fans have rarely experienced her so close and personally before.


"Tabu - LIVE" is the continuation of an artistic offensive that MICHELLE already started with the release of their album "Tabu". With a new and first-class team of young and progressive songwriters and producers behind her, she skillfully balances on the border between pop and pop. Participants included Joe Walter (Glasperlenspiel, Felix Jaehn, Jennifer Rostock, Christina Stürmer), Stephanie Stumph (Helene Fischer), Thorsten Brötzmann (Helene Fischer, Kerstin Ott, Matthias Reim, Ben Zucker) as well as Peter Plate and Ulf Sommer (Rosenstolz, 2Raumwohnung, Sarah Connor).


Through this and their incomparable authenticity, MICHELLE lends an exciting new dimension to the music of the tour and album, both in terms of content and music. Rainer Moslener, Project Manager Artist Management Uwe Kanthak: "Projects like 'Tabu' and now the tour that goes with it, which can also be very personal on the part of the artist, only work in an atmosphere of absolute mutual trust. Since the show production was taken over by our partner company Michow Concerts, we were able to offer our exclusive artist Michelle a very special form of in-house set-up in which she could develop her ideas perfectly. I am also particularly pleased that our long-standing partner Semmel Concerts will also be bringing the new show back onto the street and to the fans.


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September 2019

Wiener Stadthalle

 Wiener Stadthalle is an indoor arena , located in the 15th district of Vienna, Austria . It was designed by Austrian architect Roland Rainer and built from 1953 to 1958 . The arena HAS to overall seating capacity of 16,000 people Approximately .

The arena Comprises 6 halls : A and B ( grammar school ), C (ice arena) , D ( main hall , mostly for concerts eg Metallica ), E ( for smaller events eg The Stehaufmandln ) & F ( for more intimate concerts eg Women's World Award). In 1974 , the additional Stadthallenbad , a public swimming pool , which built .

The arena hosts annual tennis tournament at , called Erste Bank Open and the show Holiday On Ice.
Many famous shows and artists played at the Wiener Stadthalle, spanning many different genres of music .

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