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January 2021

Program and cast


Douglas Fitch (director, staging,costumes )

Florian Willeitner (Conduction )

Pool of Invention Ensemble (Ensemble )

Members of the Salzburg Marionette Theatre

James Smith (Co-Regie )

Stephen Greco (Storyboard )



Music for a carnival pantomime "Pantalon et colombine" for two violins, viola and bass KV 446

Ballet music for the pantomime "Les petits riens" KV 299b


Resumption. Production of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg for the Mozart Week 2020 in cooperation with the Salzburg Marionette Theatre

Salzburg Marionette Theatre

In 1893, the old-established Kaltenhausen brewery built "a restaurant and function-rooms" in the Schwarzstrasse, between the Lasser Villa (now the Mozarteum) and the theatre. The architect was Carl Demel, the master builder Valentin Ceconi. In 1897 these function-rooms were converted to the Mirabell Hotel. After World War II the Mirabell Casino was the principal tenant until 1968. Conversion work began in 1970, in order to give the Marionette Theatre a new playhouse. The former dining-room of the Mirabell Hotel was converted into an auditorium with a stage, and its rich decoration of stucco and frescoes is still impressive. There was similar stucco-work, though not quite so opulent, in the foyer, but unfortunately in the course of the 1970/71 conversion it was covered by a plasterboard ceiling. The stucco ceiling underneath was forgotten, to be rediscovered in 2000 when repairs were being carried out. In 2003 the foyer was restored to its original condition.

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