Paul Sommersguter

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June 2022

What has actually remained from 8 intensive years of law studies? The realization that there is only one thing better than paying taxes? To collect taxes of course! Unfortunately there is only one way to do this in Europe - the foundation of a church! So Paul sets out to create one! The miracles necessary for this are all HANDMADE and of course absolutely real!

In his new show HANDMADE Paul combines cabaret and magic in a way that sweeps away the dust of the old days from our childhood.

Dynamic, charming, full of energy and above all unbelievable!

Paul Sommersguter decided to pursue an honest profession after completing his law studies and eventually became a magician. He is Vice European Champion in Magic, several times Austrian Champion and national and international prize winner.

Since then he loves to make the impossible possible and regularly makes his audience laugh, amaze and many even despair.

Program and cast

CasaNova Vienna

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