Scott Henderson Trio

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February 2024

Scott Henderson is a legend who consistently delivers breathtaking shows that captivate guitar fans of all ages and backgrounds.

"PEOPLE MOVER", his most recent and most successful work as a bandleader, is a trio production currently being performed live by his band with Romain Labaye (bass) and Archibald Ligonniere (drums). The trio tours all over the world - including in Bluesiana - and plays material from Scott's last albums as well as from his popular blues albums.

Scott Henderson always brings passion and versatility to fans with his modern guitar playing. His concerts cross the boundaries between jazz and blues and explore the power of both. Few can do what Henderson can: from the frenzy of Jimi Hendrix to the harmonic heights of Herbie Hancock in just a few bars.

Scott Henderson has recorded and performed with violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, bassist Jeff Berlin and Joe Zawinul of Weather Report, and was the original guitarist of the Chick Corea Elektric Band.

Born in 1954, Scott Henderson appeared in the 1980s with his legendary band Tribal Tech (also in Bluesiana) and has since developed into one of the leading guitarists/composers of jazz fusion. Scott grew up in South Florida playing blues-rock and funk and was influenced by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore and his favorite blues guitarist Albert King.

Although Henderson began his career as a blues-rock player, it was the influence of jazz that led him to the style of playing and composing he is famous for today. Not only is Scott a world-class player and an outstanding composer, but his trademark is his beautiful tone and impressive ability to mix jazz with blues, rock and funk, giving him a soulful and unique voice on the guitar.

Scott studied arrangement and composition at Florida Atlantic University before moving to Los Angeles in 1980. He toured and recorded with Chick Corea's Elektric Band and violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, and relished the opportunity to work for four years with one of his favorite musicians, Weather Report's Joe Zawinul. He recorded two albums with Zawinul Syndicate, "The Immigrants" and "Black Water". With Tribal Tech, Henderson recorded ten critically acclaimed albums, most recently Tribal Tech X, released in March 2012.

In 2019, he won both the Best Guitarist and Best Electric/Jazz-Rock/Contemporary Group/Artist awards in the Jazz Times Reader's Poll. In 1991, Scott was named the #1 Jazz Guitarist by Guitar World, and in January 1992, he was voted the #1 Jazz Guitarist in the Guitar Player's Annual Reader's Poll. His first solo blues album, "Dog Party," a welcome return to his musical roots, was named Best Blues Album of 1994 by Guitar Player Magazine. On his next solo albums "Tore Down House" and "Well to the Bone", Henderson collaborated with legendary singer Thelma Houston. “Vibe Station,” released in 2015, was listed by many music critics as one of the 10 best instrumental albums of the year. Henderson's most recent and most successful work as a leader, "People Mover," featuring Romain Labaye on bass and Archibald Ligonniere on drums, was named Best Fusion Album of 2019 by Jazz Times Magazine. The trio has toured worldwide in over 70 countries, performing music from the solo albums as well as some of Henderson's music recorded by Tribal Tech. Scott has also released two albums with Vital Tech Tones, a trio collaboration with bassist Victor Wooten and former Journey drummer Steve Smith. Since 2009 he has been touring worldwide with the HBC Trio, consisting of bassist Jeff Berlin and drummer Dennis Chambers. Their first album "HBC" was released in October 2012.

As is often the case with a musician of Scott's caliber, there is great demand for him to share his knowledge with the current generation of guitarists. He is an instructor at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, where his open counseling sessions are among MI's most popular. Scott has also written columns for Guitar Player Magazine and many other guitar publications.

Alfred Music has released Henderson's instructional DVD entitled "Scott Henderson - Jazz Rock Mastery" and his first transcription book "The Scott Henderson Guitar Book". His other two transcription books, "The Best Of Scott Henderson" and "Scott Henderson - Blues Guitar Collection" are available from Hal Leonard Publishing, as is his textbook "Jazz Guitar Chord System", a revolutionary way for students to study the diversity of jazz harmony . (press release)

Program and cast

Scott Henderson: guitar
Romain Labaye: bass
Archibald Ligonniere: drums
Special Guest Lina Mastalska: guitar

support: Jeff Aug: guitar

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