Tales from the Vienna Woods

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December 2022

In 1931, Odon von Horvath was premiered bitter evil as clairvoyant "folk play" in Berlin. It provides in an accurate inventory of the satirical attitude of the petty bourgeois, their prejudices and narrow moral attitudes preserve under the guise of a self-righteous "Viennese cosiness". Such types there was not only the beginning of the 1930s in Vienna, out of stupidity dangerous philistine find yourself getting anywhere. Now has made on behalf of the Bregenz Festival and the Theater an der Wien the Viennese composer, conductor, composer and actor HK Gruber together with the director and librettist Michael Sturminger from converting Horváth piece in an opera.

The old magic king is owner of a doll hospital and has a daughter, Marianne. You will Oscar, the owner of the neighboring butcher marry. Your not comfortable with that, and on the day of engagement it burns with the Hallodri by Alfred. She has a child, but the love between her and Alfred breaks soon to financial problems. When her father as a nude dancer at a nightclub where they need to earn money, discovered violating the wayward indignantly. Alfred's family does not like the destitute Marianne too, but because of the child is they do not go. The grandmother solves the problem: you shall stay the debilitating child of the cold, and it dies of pneumonia. The ratios can now be okay, Oskar forgive Marianne and I will still marry Alfred turns back to his old mistress, the wealthy tobacconist Valerie, too. In addition to its main characters Horváth is a colorful staff that embodies a cross section of the petty bourgeoisie in the interwar period: the Strizzi Hirlinger, the captain, still in the kk Currently she lives and the German law students Erich, in whose views to Hitler announces big German madness.

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The stage of the Burgtheater is one of the biggest theatre stages in the world. The stage portal is 12m wide, the main stage is 28,5m wide, 23m deep and 28m high. At the opening in 1888 the stage technology was already innovatory and has been modernized on many occasions. During the reconstruction after World War II, which was accomplished in 1955, a stage equipment was installed that is still revolutionary today. The revolving stage consists of a rotating cylinder (15m high, 21m diameter) and four hydraulic lifts (12 x 4 m each). With the help of this technical features the scenery can be changed within 40 seconds. It is the biggest automatic and computer controlled stagesystem in Europe.
The Burgtheater auditorium holds 1175 seats, it has standing room for 84 visitors and 12 places for disabled visitors.

Apart from the stage-art the Burgtheater plays an important part in architecture and interior design of the 19th century in Vienna. The magnificent decoration, especially the two imperial staircases painted by Gustav Klimt, his brother Ernst Klimt and their companion Franz Matsch as well as the main foyer and the many statues, busts and paintings of famous writers and actors can be visited during our dailyguided tour. 

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