The Migrants

After the great film success for the Kammerspiele updated.
(Audience Awards at Max Ophüls Festival and Nashville Film Festival)

Viennese migration comedy, really now, Oida.

A politically incorrect comedy about modern clichés, false identities and "real" foreigners - if they exist at all!

Marko and Benny, two Viennese with a "migration background", are fully integrated, one as an actor, the other as an advertiser. Nevertheless, because of their appearance the two are approached by an ambitious TV editor who is looking for typical foreigners to take part in her TV documentary series about an ethnically mixed Viennese quarter.

Following a sudden whim, Marko and Benny pretend to be small-time migrants who keep their heads above water with crooks. The duo of friends use all possible and impossible xenophobic clichés without hesitation. And while the two of them make the TV series a success by fulfilling all their prejudices against foreigners, at the same time they deal for the first time with real integration fates - also with their own...

Program and cast

Director: Sarantos Georgios Zervoulakos

Stage design and costumes: Ece Anisoglu

Video: Ece Anisoglu

Music: Aras Levni Seyhan

Dramaturgy: Silke Ofner

Light: Ali Esen

Benny Lorenz / Omar: Luka Vlatković

Marko Bilic / Tito: Jakob Elsenwenger

Marlene Weizenhuber: Doris Schretzmayer

Mr. Bilic / Jugo Fraudo: Ljubiša Lupo Grujčić

Sophie / Olga / Fatima: Gioia Osthoff

Jewel: Wilhelm Iben

Oktay Oncel: Özaydin Akbaba

Mrs Weber: Martina Spitzer

Romana: Susanna Wiegand

Head of Broadcasting Green: Martin Niedermair

Tommy, camera assistant: Tamim Fattal

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