The Play, that goes wrong

Premiered in London in 2014, "The Play, that goes wrong" by Jonathan Sayer/Henry Shields/Henry Lewis was awarded the Laurence Olivier Prize for best comedy and has been running continuously at London's Westend ever since. The Metropol presents this piece, now acclaimed in Berlin, Paris and other European cities, as an Austrian premiere.



An ambitious amateur troupe performs a time-honoured English thriller classic. As the title suggests, everything goes wrong: doors cannot be opened, props are not in their place, dialogues take place in the wrong order and actors are beaten unconscious. The three authors have created a gag firework that not only causes laughter to friends of English humour and the delimited slapstick stomach ache. For no matter how British-style the crime piece is or, to put it another way, how mercilessly the appearances of the individual actors go wrong, the most important thing is to maintain one's attitude and just not let anything show.


The show must go on!


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March 2019

Wiener Metropol

The great hall

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