The visit of the old lady

And now you want justice, Claire Zachanassian?

I can afford it.

How much is a human life worth? Claire Zachanassian offers a billion to the inhabitants of the town of Güllen if the man who once plunged them into misery is sacrificed by his fellow citizens. The indignant Gülleners initially reject the offer. But how long can they resist the temptation of money? And doesn't the victim really deserve the punishment? Dürrenmatt's timeless tragicomedy offers a parade role for Nestroy prizewinner Andrea Jonasson.

Program and cast

Director : Stephan Müller
Set design and video : Sophie Lux
Costumes : Birgit Hutter
Music : Fabian Kalker
Dramaturgy : Barbara Nowotny
Light : Pepe Starman

Claire Zachanassian, née Washer, multimillionaire (Armenian-Oil) : Andrea Jonasson
Your spouses (VII-IX) : Lukas Spisser
The Butler : Markus Kofler
III : Michael King
His wife : Elfriede Schüsseleder
His daughter : Gioia Osthoff
His son / farmer : Tobias Reinthaller
The Mayor : Siegfried Walther
The priest : Johannes Seilern
The teacher : André Pohl
The doctor : Alexander Strobele
The policeman / Helmesberger : Oliver Huether
Reporter I : Martina Stilp
Reporter II : Alexandra Krismer
Cameraman and Photographer : Michael Würmer

A flower girl : Arwen Hollweg / Anna Breyvogel

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Theater in der Josefstadt

The Theater in der Josefstadt is a theater in Vienna in the eighth district of Josefstadt. It was founded in 1788 and is the oldest still performing theater in Vienna. It is often referred to colloquially as simply Die Josefstadt.

Following remodeling and rebuilding in 1822 — celebrated by the performance of the overture Die Weihe des Hauses ('Consecration of the House') by Beethoven — opera was staged there including Meyerbeer and Wagner. From 1858 onwards the theatre gave up opera and instead concentrated on straight theatre and comedy.

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