Tool concerts on European soil are rare enough. Each of their live shows is an audiovisual masterpiece - crooked rhythms, epochal arrangements and hypnotic visuals create their own universe of sound, dream and reality.

On 05.06.2019 the Californians - frontman Maynard James Keenan and drum virtuoso Danny Carey - will come to the Vienna Stadthalle. Although twelve years have passed since the release of the 4th album "10,000 Days", the enthusiasm for Tool is still unbroken.

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June 2019

Wiener Stadthalle

 Wiener Stadthalle is an indoor arena , located in the 15th district of Vienna, Austria . It was designed by Austrian architect Roland Rainer and built from 1953 to 1958 . The arena HAS to overall seating capacity of 16,000 people Approximately .

The arena Comprises 6 halls : A and B ( grammar school ), C (ice arena) , D ( main hall , mostly for concerts eg Metallica ), E ( for smaller events eg The Stehaufmandln ) & F ( for more intimate concerts eg Women's World Award). In 1974 , the additional Stadthallenbad , a public swimming pool , which built .

The arena hosts annual tennis tournament at , called Erste Bank Open and the show Holiday On Ice.
Many famous shows and artists played at the Wiener Stadthalle, spanning many different genres of music .

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