Trio Klang Zauber

...the   three   in   each   other   interwoven   voices   „Coloratura   Soprano-Trumpet-Organ“ set in exclusive and unrepeatable harmony... the midst the heart of the listener... the heart of the magnificent artistic creativity of suffering Beethoven - „Heiligenstadt Testament“... the St. James ́s Church (Kirche St. Jakob) on the pilgrimage way to Santiago de Compostela...

...with the ancient echo of St. Severinus of Noricum as well as of antique remains  of  a  Roman  fortification  under  and  next  to  the  church  going back to the time of the Tenth Roman Imperial Legion...

...picturesquely  built  into  the  unmistakable  scenery  of  winegrowers ́ houses and distinctive restaurants ( “Wirtshäuser“)...

...the manifold historical colours in the unison with our resounding concert pictures...


Program and cast

Atmospheric program

Arrangements of Advent and Christmas songs

Fascinating Trios

G.F. Handel, J.S. Bach, A. Scarlatti, H. Purcell, J. Haydn, A. Adam and others.


Ludwig van Beethoven

The special two-manual chest organ

with 8 Reg. incl. Tongue Reg. and Pedal with 16 ́ Reg.

Warm Voluminous Sound


Maria Blahutova - coloratura soprano  

Luis Abicht - Trumpet      

Jan Blahuta - Organ



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December 2019

Church St. Jakob

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