Vienna Symphony Orchestra Musikverein


3 April 2019, 4 April 2019 and 5 April 2019
Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Lahav Shani, conductor
Kirill Gerstein, piano
Johannes Brahms
Symphony No. 3 F major, op. 90
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra D minor, KV 466
Franz Liszt
Les Préludes. Symphonic Poem

2 May 2019, 3 May 2019 and 4 May 2019
Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Vladimir Fedosejev, conductor
Lilya Zilberstein, Piano
Andreas Gruber, trumpet
Dmitry Shostakovich
Hypothetically murdered, op. 31a
I. Bacchanalia
TWO. Waltz
III Petrushka
IV. Paradise: Flight of the Cherubim
V. The Number of the Archangel Gabriel
VI Gallop
Dmitry Shostakovich
Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and Orchestra No. 1 C minor, op. 35
Dmitry Shostakovich
Symphony No. 15 A major, op. 141

11 May 2019 and 12 May 2019
Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider, conductor
Krassimira Stoyanova, Soprano
Richard Strauss
Moonlight music and closing scene from the conversation piece for music "Capriccio", op. 85
Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 1 D Major

26 May 2019 and 27 May 2019
Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Singverein of the Society of Friends of Music in Vienna
Philippe Jordan, conductor
Bryan Hymel, tenor
Hector Berlioz
Requiem for tenor solo, choir and orchestra, op. 5, "Grande Mass des Morts

12 June 2019, 13 June 2019 and 14 June 2019
Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Lorenzo Viotti, conductor
Matthias Goerne, Baritone
Richard Wagner
Prelude to the opera "Tristan und Isolde" and "Isoldes Liebestod", WWV 90
Hans Pfitzner
To the Mark, op. 15/3
The setting sun shines so beautifully, op. 4/1
A star falls down, op. 4/3
At night, op. 26/2
Is the sky therefore so blue in Lenz, op. 2/2
My heart is like the dark night, op. 3/3
Autumn song, op. 3/2
Claude Debussy
Prélude à l´après-midi d´un faune. Eglogue pour Orchestre d`après Mallarmé ("The afternoon of a faun")
Alexander Scriabin
Le Poème de l`Extase. Symphonic poem in one movement, op. 54

25.09.2019 / 26.09.2019 / 28.09.2019 / 29.09.2019

Philippe Jordan, conductor

16.10.2019 / 17.10.2019 / 18.10.2019

Philippe Jordan, conductor
Regula Mühlemann, soprano
Robin Johannsen, soprano
Wiebke Lehmkuhl, alt
Werner Güra, tenor
Michael Volle, bass

08.11.2019 / 09.11.2019 / 10.11.2019
 Lorenzo Viotti, conductor


Johannes Wildner, conductor
Marko Simsa, moderation

18.12.2019 / 19.12.2019 / 20.12.2019

Krzysztof Urbański, conductor
Kian Soltani, cello

29.01.2020 / 30.01.2020

Enrique Mazzola, conductor
Jasminka Stančul, piano

21.02.2020 / 22.02.2020 / 23.02.2020

Andrés Orozco-Estrada, conductor
Leonidas Kavakos, violin

26.02.2020 / 27.02.2020

Lahav Shani, conductor
Yefim Bronfman, piano

21.03.2020 / 22.03.2020

Alain Altinoglu, conductor
Emmanuel Tjeknavorian, violin

01.04.2020 / 02.04.2020 / 03.04.2020

Cornelius Meister, conductor
Renaud Capuçon, violin

22.04.2020 / 23.04.2020

Bertrand de Billy, conductor
Maria Bengtsson, soprano
Claudia Mahnke, alt
Maximilian Schmitt, tenor
Werner Güra, tenor
Kwangchul Youn, bass

25.04.2020 / 26.04.2020

Vladimir Fedoseev, conductor
Julian Rachlin, violin

24.05.2020 / 25.05.2020

Philippe Jordan, conductor
Jacquelyn Wagner, soprano
Elisabeth Kulman

12.06.2020 / 13.06.2020

Philippe Jordan, conductor
Camilla Nylund, soprano
Irene Theorin, soprano
Martina Janková, soprano
Sarah Connolly
Michaela Schuster
Burkhard Fritz, tenor
Iain Paterson, baritone
John Relyea, bass

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