Viktor Gernot

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August 2020

Isn't it? A phrase that is endlessly added to the end of a sentence in the German language. As a sign, to express your conviction? Or his insecurity? Out of a know-it-all attitude? Or because one knows exactly that one is wrong? Isn't it? Isn't it? And in various dialects from "Ned?", to "Hoscht mi?", to "Nmh?". Question after question. And this in the postfactual age. Where misinformation no longer arises from ignorance and poor research. but with the pure intention of manipulating, or simply to create an untruth. Or out of pure stupidity. Ancient wisdom and beliefs are questioned. In addition, the fact that you can find many things on the Internet, but rarely the truth. Media, politics, showbiz, literature, up to relationship, friends and family. All swindlers, manipulators, liars? Or just too lazy to think and ask questions? You can talk, joke, sing and play about it perfectly. With, by and with Viktor Gernots new solo cabaret "Right?" Isn't it?

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