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Alex Kristan - 50 Shades Of Shame

Alex Kristan has turned 50, or as the optimist in him says: “The first third of life is over.” And because the thirst for action is still greater than the need to urinate at night, he takes this “round” as an opportunity to find a new one Solo program to give as a gift. Because if from one day to the next you suddenly find yourself in the 50+ target group as a so-called best ager, the only thing that can help with the lead in your legs and the silver in your hair is insults.

Supposedly 50 is supposed to be the new 30. Or does this only apply to local areas? Even if 10 p.m. becomes the new midnight, the new skin care doesn't have to be called Voltaren instead of Nivea. It still pays to buy long-life milk. Making diet plans, coloring your hair, whitening your teeth, it's all for pop-up seniors who see herb-funding as a detoxification regimen. His motto, on the other hand, is: “Reasonable is like being dead, only before” and he resurrects the snotty pips.

Exactly at the apex in life, between looking well-groomed and being well-groomed, one asks oneself whether everything really used to be better and if so, why not? Short-sightedness is now compensated for with far-sightedness and as long as the cake is more expensive than the candles on it, you're not old anyway.

Alex Kristan's alter egos of course also accompany him on this journey and are available to give advice and support when it comes to the really important questions in the life of a man in his supposed prime. It is a start-up in a new phase of life in which gout or truth is played.

And the truth is, it is 42 net, so excluding VAT. Getting older is a very beautiful thing. Especially considering the alternative.

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