Schönbrunn Palace Tour and Concert

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An evening in Schönbrunn

Palace tour & Concert


Inclusive services

• Exclusive imperial tour of Schönbrunn Palace after the official closing time of the palace with an audio guide
• Free choice of seating in the selected category at the Schönbrunn Palace Concert
• Only Category A: a glass of sparkling wine or orange juice per person at our concert bar
• Only Category VIP: a glass of sparkling wine or orange juice at our concert and one CD per person

Do as royalty does: After the official opening times of Schönbrunn Palace, the gates will open again for you. Explore the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace in an exclusive and private atmosphere. The Palace tour ends in the impressive Great Gallery. Then enjoy some royal amusement at the concert in the Orangery.


Please note: the specified departure time for the Palace visit must be observed. In case of delay, the ticket becomes invalid.
The tour is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Polish, Turkish.

After the concert has ended, there will be sufficient taxis available at the entrance to the Orangery Schönbrunn. The underground leaves in five to eight-minute intervals until midnight.


15 minutes before the start of the Palace tour, please be at the main entrance of the Palace (No. 3 on the map). One of our employees will welcome you there.


On selected dates, the concerts take place in the Great Gallery or in the White-Gold Room directly in the Palace, in the Schönbrunn Palace Theatre or other concert halls in Vienna.


Program and cast


• 5:15 PM Meeting point in front of the main entrance of Schönbrunn Palace (No. 3
on the map)
• 5:30 PM Palace Tour with your own smartphone as audio guide
• 8:30 PM Concert start in the Orangery Schönbrunn (No. 1 on the map)
(Admission from 8:00 PM)

NEW 18:45
Meeting point in front of the main entrance of Schönbrunn Palace (No. 3 on the map)
NEW 19:00
Castle tour with audio guide
Beginning of the concert in the Schönbrunn Orangery*
(admission from 20:00)

• Approx. 10.15 PM Concert end


Imperial Palace Schönbrunn Concerts

Palace tour
Empress Maria Theresa made Schloss Schoenbrunn into her magnificent summer residence. All her successors resided at the palace during summer and ruled the empire from there. Especially Emperor Franz Joseph liked to spend his time at the Palace Schoenbrunn. Take a tour of the glamorous and private rooms of the emperors accompanied by an audio guide. For groups of 15 people or more a separate guide will be available to show you the apartments of Maria Theresa exclusively and outside the regular opening times of the palace.


At the Ehrenhof ('Court of Honor'), right beside the entrance of Schloss Schoenbrunn, in the rooms of the Restaurant Tafelspitz. Here, you will enjoy a three-course dinner.


In walking distance from the main entrance to Schloss Schoenbrunn and the Café-Restaurant Residenz lies the Orangery Schoenbrunn. Since imperial times, this was a place for courtly festivities and banquets. During one of these events Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri held a unique music contest. In this historic ambience the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra performs the most beautiful works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss.

From the beginning of April to the end of October, at Christmas and at New Year's Eve, the concert will be performed by the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra in grand cast. In late autumn and in winter the concert will be performed by the Schoenbrunn Chamber Ensemble.


The Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery

The widowed Empress Wilhelmine Amalie had an orangery garden installed in Schoenbrunn with the purpose of overwintering her bitter orange plants inside a greenhouse.

Even today, concerts are held in grand old style in this historical location. Clad in historical dress, the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra interprets the most famous works by Mozart and Strauss at the original location every evening.

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