Palais Ferstel

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The Palais Ferstel is located in one of the oldest parts of Vienna, the Palaisviertel in the 1st district.

Unlike many other palaces in the Austrian capital Palais Ferstel is not named after its owner, with that honour going instead to its architect. But not until it was completely renovated in 1982. Otherwise it would have ended up being known as the national bank or the stock exchange building, in recognition of the roles originally intended for this opulent structure built by Heinrich von Ferstel.

Be that as it may, Palais Ferstel continues to cast its magic on guests at meetings and parties alike, with its fantastic Venetian-cum-Florentine-cum-Trecento architecture, something you won’t find anywhere else in the capital. With stunning rooms, dazzling chandeliers and an impressive colonnaded courtyard. An Italian Palazzo – in the heart of Vienna’s historic first district, on Freyung.

Echoes of the early bank and stock exchange days
The history of the building, which was actually designed as a bank and stock exchange, provides the ideal backstory for business-related events, like award ceremonies, product presentations and conferences.

Celebrate in Venetian Trecento style

A uniquely versatile venue, it is also ideally placed to host unforgettable celebrations! The Grosser Ferstelsaal has ample space for dancing and gala dinners.

Café Central
Where the “Centralists” once met

Café Central moved into Palais Ferstel in 1876. This coffeehouse is a bone fide Viennese institution! Many years ago it was the meeting place of choice for a group of poets, philosophers and revolutionaries sometimes referred to as the “Centralists”. Like then, today’s patrons are spoiled for choice thanks to Café Central’s mouth-watering choice of culinary creations.

There is so much to say about Café Central that it has its own site.

Construction style
Late-romantic historicism

80 – 700 people



Four rooms for every occasion.

Großer Ferstelsaal
Where guests feel like globetrotters on a world cruise. You could be forgiven for thinking that you were aboard a luxury liner of yesteryear, with the waves lapping at the side. Shaped like the bow of a ship, this giant hall has a distinctly maritime feel to it. Surrounded by magnificent columns and decorated with a truly unique coffered wooden ceiling. Vienna’s most opulent room.


Kleiner Ferstelsaal
Running out of space in the main room? Then simply open the beautiful double doors to the Kleiner Ferstelsaal. This small Venetian-inspired pavilion provides ample space for buffets and can – to come back down to earth for a moment – be used as an exhibition space. Set up as a bar, it is perfect for a tête-a-tête.


Why travel to Italy when the Arkadenhof – with its magnificent marble staircase and amazing glass ceiling reminiscent of Trecento-era Venice – is just bursting with Mediterranean charm?

The Arkadenhof is ideal for functions of all kinds, hosting press conferences or serious discussions away from prying eyes.


If you are looking for wood-panelling, then the Portico is the ideal complement to the Grosser Ferstelsaal. For a chat, a coffee or an informal business meeting.