Maria Happel and Michael Niavarani

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September 2024

Maria Happel & Michael Niavarani
The consolation of art

in kind we trust
An evening between E and U

When Burgtheater meets Cabaret Simpl, one or two verbal cakes can end up on the other person's face.

For decades, Happel and Niavarani have ignored each other in a friendly neighborhood in the third district, now the time has come, now the comedian and serious actress are coming out together - yes, we love art, even if it doesn't always love us. It can actually console us: about war, death, high prices, illness, lockdowns and sometimes even about ourselves.

On this evening between entertainment and high culture, we will ask ourselves the question: how serious can entertainment be and how entertaining can high culture be? Can Maria Happel tell a joke and say something serious to Michael Niavarani for once? How long does it take for Maria Happel to get her first laugh in a sketch and how many lines of the Hamlet monologue can Niavarani say without getting a laugh, and why should we even want to know? Two spotlight pigs in conversation and perhaps a bit of Goethe shines through.

High culture and cabaret - you don't have to be bored to enjoy this evening, we promise you that.

The first two evenings take place in summer at the Reichenau Festival. The program can be seen at the Theater im Park in September.

Program and cast

Theater in the Park

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