Sara Filipova, Koehne Quartet, Karl Ritter

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September 2024



With "Zwa Wean ans", an evolution of Karl Ritter's "crashtest jazz" idea, a groundbreaking musical experience is offered. Already successfully performed several times, this unique concept is coming to the stage again and promises an incomparable fusion of different genres.


In "Zwa Wean ans" two different pieces of music from the genres of new music and pop music are performed at the same time. This innovative "parallel concert" combines the extraordinary talents of singer-songwriter Sara Filipova with the virtuoso Koehne Quartet. Together they bring their unique sound worlds to the Porgy & Bess stage and create something completely new and unique.


The pieces for this extraordinary concert were personally selected by Karl Ritter from the extensive repertoire of Sara Filipova and the Koehne Quartet. While the Koehne Quartet interprets compositions by renowned artists such as Kurt Schwertsik, Hannes Raffaseder, Thomas Pernes and Michael Radanovics, Sara Filipova presents her own songs at the same time.


"Zwa Wean ans" promises a fascinating musical experience in which worlds merge and something completely new emerges from two different genres. This unique concert invites the audience to go on a sonic journey and cross the boundaries between genres.


The Koehne Quartet, consisting of four outstanding musicians, embodies the highest artistic excellence in the world of chamber music. With their virtuosic interpretation and sensitive interaction, the ensemble delights audiences on international stages. Known for their broad repertoire and innovative approach to classical and contemporary works, the Koehne Quartet is a fixture in the music scene and continues to set new standards for chamber music perfection.


Sara Filipova's music draws from her diverse experience with R&B, pop, jazz and classical, but at its core is closer to groundbreaking singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell or Paul Simon. In addition to numerous appearances in Austria, Sara Filipova performs on international stages. Her first solo tour took her from Europe to Chicago to the Wilson Abbey Theater. She presented her debut EP “Black and White Cafe” on Bulgarian television in March 2019. She also made herself heard with her last single “Alone Together”, which successfully made it onto the radio stations FM4 and ö1. From 2020 to 2023 she curated the event series “0816 Acoustic”, which has established itself as a fixture in the local singer-songwriter scene. The artist is currently working on her new album. (press release)

Program and cast

Sara Filipova: vocals, piano
Koehne Quartet
Joanna Lewis: violin
Anne Harvey-Nagl: violin
Lena Fankhauser: viola
Melissa Coleman: cello
Karl Ritter: concept, dramaturgy

PORGY & BESS Jazzclub

Porgy & Bess (actually, Jazz and Music Club Porgy & Bess ) is a jazz club in the Riemergasse 11 in the 1st district of Vienna. The club , founded in 1993 is considered " the most important jazz organizer and trendy meeting point " of the Austrian capital .

The program of Porgy & Bess speaks to a very large audience , about 70,000 guests a year ; is accordingly Jazz " understood very pluralistic ," and the program " even in fringe areas , such as electronic music , contemporary music and world music penetrated . " Many international artists , particularly from the U.S. space , see also Austrian musician here an opportunity to perform . The club also offers the stage for events, such as the award of the Austrian World Music Award.

Musicologist Christian Scheib According to the Porgy & Bess " at the same time essential for the development of the musical ( jazz ) reality of a City" and needs and uses ' plain commonplace as urban space music. " It creates itself " through artistic preferences, acoustic quality , capacity and real capacity, the necessary exclusion of other clubs. " Here, the different areas of the jazz clubs allow - the area in front of the stage with tables, upstairs gallery , a lateral area with a bar at counter - different intense concentration on the concert scene . For Jazzthetik Porgy & Bess is even a " traditional club . "

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