Venus and Jupiter

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A divine Roman comedy by Michael Niavarani

A heavenly practical joke about love, betrayal, transformation and jealousy with all divine weakness and human powerlessness.

Director: Michael Niavarani & Helena Scheuba

When the father of the gods Jupiter travels to Vindobona with his aunt Venus to reconcile with his son Apollo, then it doesn't take long for things to happen in this dreamy provincial town the Danube leads to a lot of love confusion. How can it be that Alcmene slept with her husband Amphitryon while he was still in Germania? And what secret lies behind the slave Gaius Tiberius, who suddenly meets himself? The gods are up to mischief and are throwing human emotions out of balance. Does Venus, the goddess of beauty, have to transform herself into a man in order to seduce the slave Thusnelda? Who else is supposed to know who, when, where, with whom...? And when Juno, the mother of the gods, has to explain to a young lady named Leda that her beloved swan is an adulterer, it's time to keep a cool head. – Oh yes, then there is cousin Hades, death himself, who agrees to a daring deal. Venus, Jupiter, Juno, Hades and Apollo, a family that brings confusion and despair to the house of the prefect Amphitryon with their everyday interdivine problems. Pray to the gods that they never cross your path, because they are only human!

Program and cast

Michael Niavarani
Jennifer Frankl
Otto Jaus
Maddalena Hirschal
Lisa-Lena Tritscher
Hemma Clementi
Lisa Weidenmüller
Matthias Mamedof
Stefan Altenhofer

BOOK Michael Niavarani
DIRECTOR Michael Niavarani & Helena Scheuba
COSTUME Inge Stolterfoht
STAGE DESIGN Natascha Maraval
MANAGEMENT Bojan D jukic -Schaner, Benedict Steininger
PUBLISHER Schultz & Schirm Bühnenverlag
PRODUCERS Georg Hoanzl & Michael Niavarani

Theater in the Park

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