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 Minorites Church, related to the monastic order of the "minor" or Franciscan monks), formally called Italian National Church of Mary of the Snows (English: Italian National Church of Mary of the Snows), is a church built in French Gothic style in the old town or First District of Vienna, Austria.

The site on Which the church is built givenName what to followers of Francis of Assisi in 1224. The foundation stone laid by what Premysl Ottokar II in 1276. Duke Albrecht II later supported the building process, Especially the main portal. The Gothic choir which Ludwig built between 1316 and 1328 and used as a mausoleum in the 14th and 15th centuries. Construction of the church which completed in 1350th

The top of its bell tower which damaged During The first Austro-Turkish, was rebuilt, then again destroyed again During The second Austro-Turkish was; the top which then Replaced by a flat roof.

When Joseph II gave the church to the Italians as a present, They Transferred the name Maria Schnee ("Mary of the Snows") from a nearby chapel Which was subsequently destroyed.