Palais Auersperg

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It is how can you expect it differently , in Vienna, and bears - just since 8 October 1777 - Palais Auersperg. On that memorable day acquired by Prince Johann Adam Auersperg , which was about 50 years ago built by the architect Giovanni Christiano Neupauer according to the plans of the famous Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. The builder was a certain Hieronymus Capece de Rofrano and thus we are in Johann Strauss 's opera " Der Rosenkavalier " . Octavian de Rofrano , the gentleman at the court of the great Empress Maria Theresa, the gallant lover with the silver rose. Because Hugo von Hofmannsthal did indeed a Rofrano strives for his libretto as a model for Octavian , only was this Peter and was the son of that Jerome, who for the property - a old brickworks on non- less than 28,000 florins on the table of the House let it ring . He could afford it , because he held the office of Postmaster-General of the Habsburg territories in Italy.