Ernst Molden & The Nino from Vienna

The two celebrated songwriters, the poet from Erdberg with the highlights celebrated throughout the German-speaking world such as "Awarakadawara" or "Ho Rugg". (German Song Prize 2015) and the "Bob Dylan vom Praterstern" (Butterfly), present the jewels of the golden phase of Austropop. They interpret them clearly reduced, but full of respect and intensity and place them in connection with their own work.


"Ernst Molden and Nino dedicate themselves here above all to the native songs of the 1970s and early 1980s and give the works of Wolfgang Ambros, Georg Danzer, Falco, André Heller and Ludwig Hirsch a new, purified life. The often dubious and sometimes grandiose original arrangements are replaced by two guitars, and anyone who believes that Falco's 'Nachtflug' has no place in this environment is seriously mistaken. (G. Bus Schweiger/Skug)

In the Metropol they will already have one or the other new song in their guitar case.


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April 2019

Wiener Metropol

The great hall

It is distinguished by its six sand- and gold-colored columns and the central nave with the two brass louvers. Since summer 1998 equipped with modern soundproofing, the large hall of the Viennese metropolis, newly renovated, shines in new splendor. Famous and popular due to international and national events from musicals to cabaret to concerts.

A stage open on three sides gives the visitor fascinating insights into the scenarios. In addition, in the case of in-house musical productions, the entire hall is usually played and the audience is involved in the event. For all cultural events, the large hall can be optimally utilized, with a capacity of 700 standing or 550 seats, or adapted seating with round tables. Carefully selected performances, state-of-the-art technology and competent employees make culture an experience!

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